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Monday, July 03, 2006

EclipseCon, day 2

I know that the EclipseCon day 2 has not ended yet. But currently, I'm blogging from my hotel bedroom. i must say thata I'm totally exhausted. Many of the companions I knew on the Open Source Pavillion, including myself, we coincide in that the day has been really exhausting. So i did not have forces to go to any BOF.

The day started with a very hilarious talk from Joel Spolsky, really very good. I must recognize that I have not read his book. But, i'm going to buy it to read it in the way at home at Friday. 16 fligh hours allows you to greatly increase your culture :)

After that, I went to the Open Source Pavillion. On that pavillion I knew my neighbours from Spring, jFire and uDIG. I will recommend you to take a look to this last two projects, because it worths the pain (I'm not recommend you to try Spring framework, because I'm sure you're using it already!).

The morning was pretty quiet. People was coming to the exhibitor pavillion on the talks rest. So we had several waves of people asking for things. I knew several interesting people in the morning, so it was really a good experience. At 1 PM, we had a rest, and also I had the opportunity to see the John Wiegand and Erich Gamma keynote. Then, I could go to eat to the restaurant, have some spanish talks with the people at the restaurant that is really a rest for my brain :), and the I went to see Patrick Paulin talk about plug-ins. I would love to chat on the discussion but it was time to return and prepare the stand again.

And then the afternoon came, and that was really crazy. Specially after 6 PM, when the talks had ended. Then we had an avalanche on the Open Source Pavillion. Oh, God, I'm really tired. My mouth was really on fire, well, as I saw that was a common case on the other Open Source exhibitors. That's really great people! During this time, I had the opportunity of being talking with *many* interesting people. Every talk, and I mean *absolutely every* was very instructive, and I learned reallly a lot talking with every visitor. Being talking with Lorenz Maierhofer. But I must recognize, that I really was on a cloud when I was talking with Ward Cunningham about jLibrary. I give him a demo. You can believe me that it's really incredible being talking and thinking at the same time: God, this cannot be true, I'm bringing a demo to Ward Cunningham.. Simply incredible!

So now, I'm in my bed. I really must rest. I hope to have tomorrow at least a day as good as have been today. If you have not come to see jLibrary and talk with me, please do it tomorrow. Yes, I know that I'm now complaining about being tired and talking too much, but well..... I must recognize I loved it :)