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Monday, July 03, 2006

EclipseCon, day 0

This was really a day of learning. After recovering from the jet lag I was brave enough to go down to San José. The first thing I learnt is that maybe the San Francisco light train could be free, becuase I did several *long* trips and there were not a person asking for tickets. I must be the only stupid that bought a ticket there. I eat on a chinese restaurant on the downtown, it was really good and I was not able to end all the food. That's really a shame for an spanish guy as we have fame of liking a lot to eat.

Just back from San Jose I went to the Ian's Eclipse bloggers party. It was really cool to know a lot of interesting people. I have been talking with many of them and really learning a lot! The only problem is that we were really a lot, so I did not can talk with all the bloggers. I hope to fix this in the subsequent days.