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Monday, July 03, 2006

jLibrary will be at EclipseCon 2006

Yes. Finally it is official. I will be on EclipseCon presenting jLibrary. The project has been awarded with an Eclipse scholarship, and so I will be presenting jLibrary into the EclipseCon Open Source Pavillion at 20-23 March.

I'm very happy for this opportunity. It will be a great challenge, for me and for my English ;) I must also thank to all the people that sent me great opinions and feedback about jLibrary. Hey, you can ever imagine how good is now the CVS version. It has many improvements in comparison with the currently downloadable version. I must also thank to all the developers that are currently working on jLibrary, they are doing really an awesome job.

I really don't know if many people reads this blog, but if you are going to EclipseCon, it will be a pleasure to know you