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Monday, July 03, 2006

EclipseCon, day 1

Yesterday was a very busy day here at EclipseCon, not for me really, but there were a lot of people going from one room to another, to try to get most of the information available at the tutorials. As I did not have a tutorials pass, so I was observing and meeting new people.

Later, I had the pleasure of meeting Luis de la Rosa, from webMethods, a really nice guy. We were looking together the Eclipse Community Awards. You can see the results on Ian's weblog. Finally, jLibrary could not win on the Best Open Source RCP Application because the finalists were uDIG and Gumtree. The winner was Gumtree, a very cool nuclear science application. It was also very cool to see the young guys of RadRails. They won the prize for the best Open Source Development Tool, and that's really great as they said for a work done on their spare time.

After all this, there was a funny show. Ufff, fortunately the speaker did not choose me, because it would have been really ridiculous. But hey, Andre and Alex won a funny prize. Finally, I had the opportunity of drinking some beers with Andre, Alex and Patrick. Very nice and friendly guys. By the way, Andre won the prize for the Best deployment in an enterprise that is really important. Congratulations!