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Monday, July 03, 2006

If jLibrary does not start ...

Today, revising my referers I have seen that someone looked in google France for 'jLibrary does not start'. So I have thought, even than many people have reported successful comments, that maybe other people could have been having problems and need help. This is the TODO list to resolve problems with jLibrary 1.0beta4 version:

  • The standalone server needs JAVA_HOME variable to be defined

  • jLibrary client should be launched from the Start menu. If you want to launch it from other place, pleace see the link in the Start menu (right click -> properties) to see the parameters needed to run jLibrary.

  • jLibrary needs a JDK 1.5 compatible to run. In fact, jLibrary includes one and it should be used automatically, but who knows, maybe people are using the wrong JDK.

  • If you have created repositories. Don't try to create two repositories with the same name. It won't work :-)

  • On the directory %JLIBRARY_INSTALL%/workspace/.metadata/ there is a .log file that contains log execution trace.

  • If you have another problem send me an email.