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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Top ten ways to create a real J2EE disaster

I have been just heard and enjoyed the Cameron Purdy's JavaOne presentation Top The Top Ten Ways to Botch an Enterprise Java Technology-based Application thanks to the JavaOne multimedia sessions.

It was a pretty good presentation indeed, and a great source for better practices and useful architecting advices -ok, I'm not sure if I got this feeling because the presentation was done on a negative approach, you now maybe I'm one of those people thinking Hey, I would never do that :-), but the fact is that it worked, it was a brilliant presentation.

This could be a brief summary:

  • #10 Specifying the mechanism for data access without understanding the granularity of the data model

  • #9 Assuming the container will take care of transactions

  • #8 Using a stateless architecture

  • #7 Designing the application for deployment on a single server and leave scalability and realibility up to the container

  • #6 Utilizing popular technologies such as Web Services for component integration and remoting

  • #5 Rolling your own frameworks

  • #4 Distributing synchronous object graphs across servers

  • #3 Designing logic and data flows assuming the application is a single-user system

  • #2 Compensating for a lack of knowledge of the application domain by building in systemic flexibility

  • #1 Putting off system testing until the application is ready to deploy

So, this is a pretty good list. mmmm I think I would never do that... lie... I must recognize that I felt over some of those points at some time, I think that everybody did it, and that's nice, that's what we call... experience :)