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Sunday, July 01, 2007

jLibrary 1.1 has been released

jLibrary 1.1 has been released. jLibrary 1.1. jLibrary is a very easy to use Document Management System that can be used from the desktop using the provide Eclipse RCP based application and that is built on top of Apache Jackrabbit the JSR-170 reference implementation. You can take a look to the changes summary to see all the changes, short summary is below though.

The server has been improved with a new HTTP tunnelling layer replacing the old web services one, improving scalability and lowering memory usage. Web Services layer is now an optional add-in. Documents can also have custom properties that you can add, remove, search in, etc. Other important changes are the migration to Maven 2, a more easy to use build system and the addition of plenty of unit tests to help developers start coding with jLibrary.

In the client side many bugs have been fixed, the core system has been migrated to Eclipse 3.2, the build system is now also much easier and the stability has been improved.

And finally, thanks to the Eclipse Maven PDE plug-in and the new deployment system, there is now stable versions available for Linux 32 and 64 bits and a Mac OS X.

Hope you like it!